I picked this one because it is near and dear to my heart! Given the right tools and plenty of practice kids can learn to crochet. There are endless numbers of projects they can have fun with and continue to improve their skills. One of my favorite forms of crochet is called Amigurumi. It is basically making crocheted dolls. Kids can try their hand or hook on a Tiny Whale, Amigurumi Guy. Once they have gotten some practice they might want to try more advanced projects.

Above is a set of Star Wars characters I crocheted for a friend. There are other sites like Nerdigurumi where there are free patterns for lots of video game characters and such. You and your child can find oodles of free patterns online. Just make sure to review internet safety with them.

Earth Day Art

What is Earth Day Art you may ask. Well, it’s art made from recycled materials, of course! What a great way to celebrate Earth Day! Here are some fun projects you can make using recycled materials with your kids!

Don’t forget to talk to your kids about what Earth Day is and why we celebrate it! You might even have them learn a special set of spelling words for that week. Be sure to include games to help them remember how to spell them.

Culinary Arts

This is another one of the arts I’m sure your children will love! From the time they are toddlers, kids want to help mom or dad in the kitchen. Why not give them simple tasks they can help with. Helping you to measure ingredients, or stirring what is in the bowl are great ways they can help. Once they start to get a bit older and more experienced with working in the kitchen they can start to learn how to follow recipes on their own. There are tons of recipe books written especially for kids.

While you are cooking with your kids, how about experimenting with some fun ways to present the food? Here are some fun ideas:

This would also be a great time to talk to your kids about eating good foods to stay healthy.

Play Dough and Clay

I haven’t met a kid who doesn’t love play dough! There are tons of recipes online that you can use to make your own play dough and let your kids help. You can even make edible play dough! I love watching kids imaginations go wild with a ball of dough. They can come up with some of the most fantastic creations.

If your kids are a bit older, they might enjoy advancing to actual clay. This takes a bit more finesse to work with, but can be just as fun. The wonderful thing about working with clay is that your kids can make useful items that can be kept. They can paint these items and create wonderful works of art.


Yes, the title says “sewing”. Oh, you didn’t think that could be an art form? Have you ever taken a good look at a quilt? What about our flag? If Betsy Ross hadn’t perfected her art, who knows what our flag might look like today?

This form of art doesn’t just have to be for girls either. Historically, men have mostly been tailors. Besides there is great value in a boy knowing how to sew for himself.

If you are a seamstress yourself, you can save your scrap fabric to give to your children to use. They can start out making doll clothes which is how many of our grandmothers started learning to sew. Boys might prefer something like this monster hat. Girls and boys alike will enjoy this Back Pack Shirt. You might be surprised at the works of art your kids can come up with using a needle and thread and some fabric!


My youngest son absolutely LOVES origami! He got started doing it one day after finding a book on our bookshelf about Origami. Since then he has watched innumerable youtube videos on paper folding and learned much. He loves to share his knowledge with anyone who is willing to listen. As he has expanded his understanding of Origami, he has begun to experiment with creating his own designs.

What I didn’t realize is that there are educational benefits to doing Origami! By folding paper to make shapes and designs my son is developing his spatial reasoning. You can also use folding to teach math concepts like geometry. How about teaching a unit on Asian culture? Origami ties right in!

Be My Valentine!

We can’t possibly leave out the wonderful activity of making your own valentines! Kids have enjoyed doing this for ages! You can use whatever you happen to have on hand. Construction paper, paper doilies, crayons and or markers are the obvious favorites. You can add ribbons, stickers, sequins and glitter to make them extra special.

Are your kids making valentines for grandparents? How about pulling out the camera? Inserting a picture of them into a valentine shaped frame would make a treasured gift for any grandparent. You can even let your kids take turns taking pictures of each other thereby practicing their photography skills as well.

Don’t forget to have them add some poetry to their valentines. After all poetry is the language of love! This is a great way to tie in some creative writing practice as well.


Painting is something all kids seem to love to do! There is a wide choice of mediums and tools for painting. You can choose water colors, finger paints, or acrylics. You can use your fingers, brushes, sponges, cotton swabs and even potatoes that have been cut into fun shapes. You can even paint ON all sorts of things. Just make sure your kids know what they are allowed to paint on and what they are not, before they start!

Unless the paint they are using is washable, it’s a good idea to protect their clothes and the surface they are painting on. If your kids are older, you might consider showing them several paintings by the Masters and talk about the different styles of painting. Then you can have them see if they can duplicate a specific style. This activity does not have to require a trip to an art museum  You can easily find these paintings by the Masters online. Just be careful of what you type into your search bar while your children are standing near!

Graphic Art

If your kids enjoy being on the computer and are artistically inclined, why not put the two together? You can find free software online for them to start out with, or you could invest in a quality program that will take them the duration. The industry standard is Adobe Creative Suite which includes everything from web design software to print media software. This software is quite expensive, and would be daunting for most children to learn. There are however sites that tutor anyone in how to use these programs for a fee.

I would recommend starting out much simpler to let children get their feet wet with graphic design. Using a program like Kid Pix that is specifically designed for kids seems a much better way to go to me. In fact Kid Pix was a great favorite with my kids for quite a while. You never know, one of your kids just might decide to make a career out of graphic art!

Paper Snowflakes

Who doesn’t remember making paper snowflakes to decorate your home as a kid? It was such fun to see how each snowflake turned out depending on the shapes you cut out of it and how you folded the paper to start with.

Kids can add bling to their snowflakes by using a little glue and glitter. Mom can talk about how snowflakes are formed, how cold does it have to be for snow, where are you most likely to find snow and at what times of the year, and weather patterns, just to name a few lesson ideas.

You can finish out the lesson by making snow cream if you are in an area that gets snow, or go out for snow cones if you are not!