Another great way to explore art is to learn about photography. Your child can do this by using any type of digital camera (you can use one that takes film but with a digital camera there is no limit to how many pictures your child can take).

First, teach your child how to handle a camera. Show them the different parts and where to put your hands when taking a picture. Show them the difference between taking pictures with a flash and without. Next, let them simply explore by taking their own pictures. Have them photograph anything that interests them but  encourage a variety of shooting positions, zoom and lighting to see how these things can make the same picture look different.

After taking some interesting shots, have them printed off and let your kids scrapbook their masterpieces!


Many kids love to draw. You can help your child turn scribbles into pictures by teaching them that all drawings start as basic shapes and details are added to those shapes to make a complete picture. For example, here is a small instruction on how to draw a panda bear. As you can see the first few steps are simply drawing a series of different sized circles and eventually erasing lines and filling in with color.


Next have your child pick out a picture of something else, another animal would work. From that picture, have your child explain what main shapes they see and what smaller shapes they see as details. Have them practice with a few pictures of different things and they will see their drawing skills get better and better! As your child gets the hang of drawing, start having them use different items to draw with- lead pencil, colored pencil, chalk, crayon- do they notice a difference in their drawing based on what they are using to draw with?