Good Old Fashioned Coloring

Don’t dismiss the value of good old fashioned coloring! This allows kids to develop their small motor skills besides it’s just plain fun!┬áTalk to your smaller children about the pictures they are coloring and the colors they are using. Have your older kids outline the pictures before they color them. They can try using darker colors to create shadows. If they are using colored pencils they can experiment with mixing the colors to create shadows and textures.

You can print your own coloring pages from online. Kids love to color pages based on their favorite characters. Even my teens will go online sometimes and print out coloring pages! You can even let your kids play coloring games online.

Tub Art

With the heat of the summer bearing down upon us, even your “bigger” kids might enjoy this art project! Simply fill the tub with cool water and let them decorate the tub and walls with soap crayons. You can even let your kids help you make your own soap crayons! They can create fun shapes for their crayons. You could use this as a chance to teach them their shapes and colors. Older kids can review their color mixing skills.

Young children love to play with those little foam letters in the tub. Your bigger kids can see how many words they can spell using the letters. What a fun way to practice spelling words!