Illustrated Journals

Now that our kids and we are getting back into the swing of school, you might have put art on a back burner for a while. One easy way to bring it back into your curriculum is to have your children start illustrated journals. These can be about anything they want them to be about. Many homeschoolers love to keep nature journals. This would be a fun way to tie art and science together as your children draw pictures of the creatures and plants they see while exploring the local park or their own backyard.

Another fun activity is to have them keep a story journal. They can practice their creative writing while honing their art skills by illustrating their own stories. Writing is in itself an art form as well. Who knows? You might just find that you have a budding young author/illustrator on your hands!

Cutting, Gluing, and Fun!

Most of us as adults take the skill of cutting something out of paper for granted. However, it is a skill that pre-schoolers need to learn and practice. So how does one do this? First it helps to have a pair of scissors that are the correct size and safe for little hands. You can simply make zig-zag lines on a sheet of paper and let your little ones try to cut along the line.

They will probably have more fun if you give them a stack of old magazines and let them go to town cutting pictures out. If you are like me and are not a big magazine reader, or if the few magazines you have are treasured (I’d cry if someone started cutting up my crochet magazines!), you can find them at your local thrift store. Or ask around at local doctor offices for their out of date magazines.

Once your littles have cut a stack of pictures give them a piece of poster board and let them practice their gluing skills. They can make a collage of the pictures they cut out and then display it on their bedroom wall. Both cutting and gluing are important skills that pre-schoolers will need to be ready for kindergarten.