Lego Art

You may never have thought of legos as an art supply before, but they are! Especially after your child has spent hours working on their masterpiece! This is my son with one of his earlier masterpieces. As you can see he was quite proud of it and I was quite proud of him.

An added bonus is that legos are very educational! They get kids minds thinking creatively. You can even use them to teach engineering and math concepts. Can there possibly be any more fun way to learn fractions?? Legos can serve as a math manipulative while doing fraction lessons. Lego even has a site devoted to using their toys as teaching tools! This mom has even been known to enjoy playing with legos a time or two.


My daughter’s favorite drawing genre is anime. She has been practicing this form of drawing for several years and has pretty much taught herself the technique by watching youtube videos and searching anime images on google. If I may say so, she has gotten quite good.

Did you know that there is are different types of anime? There is Shojo which tends to feature young girls. Shonen tends to feature young boys. Seinen features teenage boys and Josei features teenage girls. Kodomo features small children and Chibi features characters with large heads and small bodies. Manga is what you would see in books, while Anime refers more to media and is the general name for this genre of entertainment. It seems that there is an entire vocabulary associated with Anime! Who knew?