Handprint Art Revisited!

I’m sure most of us remember taking our handprint and turning it into a turkey every year at this time as kids. It was such fun to color the turkey and decorate it. We looked forward to decorating our Thanksgiving table with our masterpiece. Did you know there are tons of other art projects you can do with handprints? ¬†Even a quick search on Pinterest brings up a multitude of ideas! One of my favorites features the cut out handprint of daddy in one color, mommy’s hand print cut out of another color and then a child’s handprint in a different color. Each of these is then layered on top of each other with daddy’s on the bottom. What a wonderful keepsake that speaks of family unity!

Going back to our Thanksgiving theme, you could use brown construction paper to make a tree on your wall. Then use hand print cutouts to put leaves on your tree. Have each of your Thanksgiving Dinner guests write what they are thankful for on a leaf or even more than one.


Have you ever thought about encouraging your kids to learn the art of calligraphy? If you are anything like me, you struggle to get your kids to handwrite anything at all! My kids would much prefer to type everything while sitting at the computer. Did you know that the modern fonts that we enjoy on our computers actually were developed by a calligraphy master? We can thank those who have worked hard to master this art, for the wonderful fonts that we get to enjoy when we choose to use a keyboard rather than a pen!

Just like when your kids first started learning to write, you can start small. Perhaps they can use calligraphy to write out place cards for each of the guests you plan to have for Thanksgiving dinner? A little practice each day and they could soon be an expert calligrapher. This would be a wonderful skill that they could even use eventually to earn some extra money. There are actually people who hire calligraphers to make elegant wedding invitations and seating cards etc.