Painting is something all kids seem to love to do! There is a wide choice of mediums and tools for painting. You can choose water colors, finger paints, or acrylics. You can use your fingers, brushes, sponges, cotton swabs and even potatoes that have been cut into fun shapes. You can even paint ON all sorts of things. Just make sure your kids know what they are allowed to paint on and what they are not, before they start!

Unless the paint they are using is washable, it’s a good idea to protect their clothes and the surface they are painting on. If your kids are older, you might consider showing them several paintings by the Masters and talk about the different styles of painting. Then you can have them see if they can duplicate a specific style. This activity does not have to require a trip to an art museum  You can easily find these paintings by the Masters online. Just be careful of what you type into your search bar while your children are standing near!

Graphic Art

If your kids enjoy being on the computer and are artistically inclined, why not put the two together? You can find free software online for them to start out with, or you could invest in a quality program that will take them the duration. The industry standard is Adobe Creative Suite which includes everything from web design software to print media software. This software is quite expensive, and would be daunting for most children to learn. There are however sites that tutor anyone in how to use these programs for a fee.

I would recommend starting out much simpler to let children get their feet wet with graphic design. Using a program like Kid Pix that is specifically designed for kids seems a much better way to go to me. In fact Kid Pix was a great favorite with my kids for quite a while. You never know, one of your kids just might decide to make a career out of graphic art!