My youngest son absolutely LOVES origami! He got started doing it one day after finding a book on our bookshelf about Origami. Since then he has watched innumerable youtube videos on paper folding and learned much. He loves to share his knowledge with anyone who is willing to listen. As he has expanded his understanding of Origami, he has begun to experiment with creating his own designs.

What I didn’t realize is that there are educational benefits to doing Origami! By folding paper to make shapes and designs my son is developing his spatial reasoning. You can also use folding to teach math concepts like geometry. How about teaching a unit on Asian culture? Origami ties right in!

Be My Valentine!

We can’t possibly leave out the wonderful activity of making your own valentines! Kids have enjoyed doing this for ages! You can use whatever you happen to have on hand. Construction paper, paper doilies, crayons and or markers are the obvious favorites. You can add ribbons, stickers, sequins and glitter to make them extra special.

Are your kids making valentines for grandparents? How about pulling out the camera? Inserting a picture of them into a valentine shaped frame would make a treasured gift for any grandparent. You can even let your kids take turns taking pictures of each other thereby practicing their photography skills as well.

Don’t forget to have them add some poetry to their valentines. After all poetry is the language of love! This is a great way to tie in some creative writing practice as well.