Earth Day Art

What is Earth Day Art you may ask. Well, it’s art made from recycled materials, of course! What a great way to celebrate Earth Day! Here are some fun projects you can make using recycled materials with your kids!

Don’t forget to talk to your kids about what Earth Day is and why we celebrate it! You might even have them learn a special set of spelling words for that week. Be sure to include games to help them remember how to spell them.

Culinary Arts

This is another one of the arts I’m sure your children will love! From the time they are toddlers, kids want to help mom or dad in the kitchen. Why not give them simple tasks they can help with. Helping you to measure ingredients, or stirring what is in the bowl are great ways they can help. Once they start to get a bit older and more experienced with working in the kitchen they can start to learn how to follow recipes on their own. There are tons of recipe books written especially for kids.

While you are cooking with your kids, how about experimenting with some fun ways to present the food? Here are some fun ideas:

This would also be a great time to talk to your kids about eating good foods to stay healthy.